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[icon] The storms of a twisted mind
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Current Location:in the place with the inters and the nets
Subject:Romance, schmo-mance
Time:01:46 am
Current Mood:recumbentrecumbent
Hey, so I just remembered that I have a LiveJournal. Or rather, for the first time in a long while I have something to say that takes up more than 140 characters. #thankyoutwitter

One of the things I like about fiction (whether we're talking books, music or movies) is that it can reveal things to us about ourselves thereby increasing our awareness of how we view the world.

Begin the revealingCollapse )
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Current Location:halfway to dreamland
Subject:"The time has come", the Walrus said, "to talk of many things"
Time:12:58 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
"of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages - and kings."
- Lewis Carroll "The Walrus and the Carpenter"

Inspired by miriad, I have joined Project Fill-in-the-Gaps. The gist of this is that we all have lists of books we'd like to read or feel like we should read in this lifetime. Project Fill-in-the-Gaps is designed to get you moving on it (further information is available on this blog).

I've made a list of 100 books on my Goodreads page that I want to read in the next 5 years, giving myself a 25% forgiveness rate.
Some of the criteria I'm using are:
- Classics that I’ve never read and feel left out when other people talk about having read them
- Science fiction classics that I know I should to read to inform my reading of current science fiction and geek culture in general
- The rest of the Gothic horror novels that I never got around to reading
- Non-fiction that I feel can particulary expand my understanding of the world

I had the good fortune to meet my favorite make-up artist yesterday - panacea81 (on youtube and twitter) also known as Lauren Luke. A few years back, while searching for ways not to be a Rachel Brice clone in my tribal makeup, someone on tribe.net posted a link to some tutorials Lauren had done on youtube of Arabic eye makeup. I loved her fearless use of color and how she used her entire eye, not just the eyelid. Fast-forward 2 or 3 years later and Lauren is one of the most followed people on youtube and has just come out with her own makeup line. Suffice it to say, I think she's awesome and even though I made a total fangirlish prat of myself, I'm really happy I got the chance to meet her.

Something that doesn't make me happy lately is MAC Cosmetics and their pigments. Up through the end of last year, when buying a pigment, you would get a 7.5g jar for $19.50. Starting this year, MAC has "redesigned" the packaging so that now you get a 4.5g jar for the same price of $19.50. That's right, as of 2010 you get 40% less product for the same price. What this means to me is that it's time to start looking elsewhere for my pigments

On The SearchCollapse )
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Current Music:Rebel, Rebel by Seu Jorge
Current Location:Furiously flipping between tabs
Subject:If you listen closely, you can almost hear my fingers creaking on the keyboard
Time:10:42 pm
Current Mood:peacefulpeaceful
Heh. You know you really don't care about any of this, but you will click anyway.

Curiosity feeds the memeCollapse )
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Current Location:In the radiance of flourescence
Subject:Look, ma! No hands!
Time:01:22 pm
Current Mood:energeticenergetic
So my teacher finally remembered to post the video of us at the restaurant 2 weeks ago. I am most proud of the fact that I didn't have to readjust my sword once after putting it on my head.

Yay! That is all.
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Current Location:held captive by cat
Subject:Let's all dance like grandma!
Time:07:20 pm
Current Mood:shockedstupified
I can't figure out whether this is one of the most racist or bizarrely wonderful things I've ever seen.

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Current Music:Shakira - She-Wolf
Subject:Saturday night's alright
Time:12:45 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
I had a lovely nearly-nude Saturday of football watching with my husband. He made yummy pancakes for breakfast. Hooray for reversing gender stereotypes!

The Big 10 went 10-1 this weekend. Illinois, you can go mope in the corner with your loss, k? The most important thing is that Michigan won. This is a good first step. Go Blue!

Also, I got my new glasses yesterday. Yay! Much better than the Harry Potter frames I was sporting after my last pair died a spectacular (and when I say spectacular, I mean incredibly stupid) death a couple of weeks ago. It is kinda weird, though, wearing plastic frames again. I was so used to metal.
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Current Location:squidging around in my own brain
Subject:The persistence of memory
Time:05:16 pm
Current Mood:pensivepensive
So this may be a heavy subject for my first post in over 2 years, but meh.

I've been thinking lately a lot about memory - keeping it, losing it, building upon it. Specifics of recall that vary from person to person. Why do people remember what they do? What makes some one person be able to remember more than another? Do these people have a better system for storing memories, a more orderly mind, per se? Is it hard-wired into the programming of their brains to be able to store, categorize and easily retrieve this information?

Although I think I'd stop short of calling it photographic or eidetic memory, I've actually frightened people with my ability to remember names, dates, places, faces, procedures, details, situations, etc. They think it a stalkerish obsession. It's not that I try; it's just that the information lingers there still long after it's been wiped from other people's slates. It's gotten to the point where I will feign ignorance in social situations just so that I don't have to see that look of fear in someone else's eyes when I bring up meeting them, a conversation we had, an outfit worn, a place belonging to a vignette...

I know that people tend to remember more of what they are passionate about. Could the above perception be, in actuality, a fact? Is a superior memory *obsession* on a sub-conscious level?

On a side note - about 2 years ago they built a Hustler (as in the magazine) store on the corner of Broadway and McClintock. It was a Hustler store for about 8 months and then went out of business. It has stood empty since then. I drove past it last Saturday and it's now been turned into ... a preschool. I don't know what to think about that.
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Current Music:Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Current Location:here and away
Subject:Further odds and ends
Time:02:55 pm
Current Mood:weirdself-depreciating
Firstly, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my husband. :)

And then, 6 today. 4 yesterday.

So I finally have a reason to watch TV again - Burn Notice. It a new show on the USA network starring two of my favorite B-list actors, Jeffrey Donovan (Kyle from The Pretender. It makes me very happy to see him get to play a good guy for once.) and Bruce Campbell. And it is good. It would be 'oh so wonderfully good', but I've never liked Gabrielle Anwar who also co-stars. She bugs me.

The costuming virus is upon me. I'm thinking heavily about the garb I want to make for RenFaire this coming year - Ottoman, quasi-period authentic. I have the sewing machine; I have some fabrics. I just need to use them.

I've had a craving to visit the MAC store by my old apartment for the last week. No, it has nothing to do with the next end. I've just been on ebay the last number of days and I'm curious to see which pigments they carry at the store that are no longer offered on the MAC website and which you really can only get on ebay.

Baseball made me feel old this week. My mother never had the money nor the inclination to take me to baseball games as a kid. But I fell madly in love with the game at the age of 5. I would watch Tigers games on TV whenever I could. I remember in the early and mid-90's watching big Cecil Fielder and seeing how he brought his son to the ballpark with him and how he usually ended up being a ball boy. And I remember thinking how cool that would be to go to the ballpark with your dad. Well now young Prince Fielder is all grown up, swinging for the fences himself and 2nd in the league in homeruns. Crazy.

I had a fortune cookie today - "You will always have good luck in your personal affairs." So it has been written, so may it be.

And lastly, an anecdote.
Scene: the kitchen, the bedroom
- me, who will be playing the part of myself
- J - intrepid slayer of all things insectal
- Bump - feline hero

I was in the kitchen Tuesday night unloading the dishwasher wearing nothing but a tank top and my underwear when I noticed Bump pawing and trying to stick his face up under one of the cabinets. I had this awful feeling of foreboding when I asked him, "What ya got there, boy?" A couple of minutes later my question was answered when the fattest cockroach I have ever seen came scurrying out and headed towards me. Naturally, I jumped aside and the cockroach ran by me with Bump in pursuit.

When Bump trapped it in a corner, I ran into the bedroom where J was sleeping and said timidly, "J, there a giant cockroach in the kitchen." He bolted upright (which if you've ever seen him try to wake up is startling in and of itself), got out of bed and marched off to take care of it. Meanwhile, I jumped up on the bed and cowered in squicked-outification.

Back in the kitchen, J grabbed the industrial-sized, toxic-enough-to-kill-a-cockroach bug spray and began dousing the bug which had managed to run over to behind the garbage can. After being doused with chemicals it began running again and manouvered around J and disappeared into the front closet. At this, J tore the vacuums and brooms out of the closet and began spraying all inside the closet. Then he called me out there to tell me the cockroach had disappeared and would probably die in there behind the shelving unit when we heard the strangest sound. It sounded kind of like something had fallen over and resounded in the closet.

2-3 minutes later that damn cockroach comes walking out of the closet, sees J and takes off toward the front door. - And then that strange sound again; it turns out the cockroach was hissing in its death throes. The cockroach swerved and headed toward the chair at the edge of the living room. I turned my butt right around and ran back into the bedroom.

I could hear J in the living room throwing the chair out of the way and dousing the bug once more. I guess it went back towards the door because next thing I know I hear the chair being thrown again. J then turned on the vacuum cleaner and spent a couple minutes chasing it around until it finally died and he was able to vacuum it up.

Couple days later and I still kinda get the heebie-jeebies going into the kitchen. Weirdly enough, as I look back on the episode, I think the whole thing might have been more bearable if only I'd been wearing pants.
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Current Location:it sure ain't Oz
Subject:More odds and ends
Time:02:59 pm
Current Mood:exanimatescattered
In conversation with Blue last night, I realized that there were a couple of foreshadowing things that I missed in my recent re-reads of the Harry Potter series. I'm going to have to go back and scan books 4 and 5 to see what else I might have missed. In the meantime, I'll be taking a week's break in my progress through the series.

I discovered the other day that the PF is making it difficult for me to do Arabic. I am not pleased. I have a follow up visit with the doctor on Wednesday. I'm not sure what they're going to say because my feet don't really feel like they're getting any better. :(

This morning I found out that my application did not go through for the job I applied for last Friday. Even more disheartening, my application did not go through for the better job that I thought I had applied for 3 weeks prior to that. In both cases, I got error messages throughout the web application process. In both cases I received an email after I went through everything saying that my online resume had been successfully submitted. However, in both cases I was not able to go in and look at what I'd submitted afterward. Friday I became suspicious, but I lacked the time to do anything about it. Today I called up HR (and sat on hold for a good 1/2 hour) and inquired about this, and was informed that my application materials did not go through. Fortunately, they allowed me to resubmit by email. I'm still sad that I most definitely will not be getting the B-school position. That one would have been perfect for me.

lovehonorlife and I saw the new Transformers movie Saturday. It was better than I expected. Of course, what I expected was for it to be absolute crap, so I wasn't exactly going in with Oscar-high standards.
What I liked:
The Autobots were recognizable, especially Optimus Prime.
Many of the original voice talents were used.
There was actually a legitimate reason for Shia LeBouf's character to have first contact with the Autobots.
There were some funny, quippy lines.

What I didn't like:
The Decepticons were not recognizable - I couldn't tell one from the others.
Frenzy - little sucker bugged the snot out of me.
The camera was "too close" to the CGI fight scenes; you couldn't tell what was going on, who was winning or even who was fighting - I ended up feeling extremely nauseous at the end of the movie.
Two kids were making out on top of Bumblebee at the end. That's just wrong. You do not make out on top of a sentient robot from another planet. Were I still a teacher, I would have made the script-writer copy the preceding 100 times. Maybe in his own blood. This may have had something to do with why I ended up so nauseous.

4th of July barbeque was fun. Thanks to Blue and Wolf for the Fire-works. I think I'm done with party hosting for while.

Harry Potter: OotP movie this Friday. Whee!

lovehonorlife's birthday is this Thursday. We will be going out to dinner somewhere. If you'd like to come along and wish him a Happy Birthday, you're more than welcome to. We haven't decided where exactly, but I'll let him post that when the decision is made.

I've been pondering lately on the nature of lost, specifically in relation to people and parts of themselves.

I've also been having a lot of dreams of places I know and people I don't. It's made me horribly homesick.
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Current Music:Air blowing through the vents
Current Location:new office
Time:04:39 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
Monday? Check. Today is blah. I spent my morning doing some very boring, very repetitive data entry. I found out that I know more about navigating the new computer system than most of the other OS's. We are all, however, still waiting to be trained on it. Opening is in less than two months.

I hate having to walk to and from central campus in 100+ degree heat. My feet hurt so badly by the time I got there, I was gasping in pain. Why, you might ask? Plantar Fasciitis. I've had it for about the last 3 months, but the pain was never bad enough for me to go see a doctor until last Thursday when I could barely make it from my car to my office (a 15-min hike).

It was the flamenco. Sure, there were other factors that put me on high-risk, but the flamenco started it - too much repeated stomping on a hard surface. My heels feel like they're bruised; my right ankle feels locked up. Woe is me. I considered quitting flamenco, at least for a little while, but the doctor says I don't need to. She did, however, say that I must be doing something wrong to have caused this in the first place. So starting next week, I wil be taking the footwork class, and only the footwork class.

I think my biggest problem with the flamenco classes is that we never stretch. Not before, not during, not after. In every good bd class you stretch - which is why I think the pf hasn't been worse. Up til last Wednesday I was taking Ellisha's fire tray class. And Ellisha will make sure that you're good and streched out. Last Wednesday was the first time in 6 weeks that I hadn't had Ellisha's class. No streching = sore, sore feet. Today, I will stretch before flamenco class - after as well.

But as this is kind of depressing, here's My Visual DNACollapse )

Oh, and I've updated my booklist. It's here.
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